Friday, March 4, 2011

The time we adventured to the land of chat roulette...





pretty head


screw you!

These are actually some shots from last weekend that I forgot to post about until now.. TUT TUT HANSKIES!

Anywho, me and abs (and also her pets) embarked on a exciting adventure to the land of chat roulette, which happens to be an extremely dirty dirty dirty place where no one is fun and everyone is gross. Our mission was to convince everyone to come to the land of vegemite so that they might be happy and less gross and wear crowns made of alfoil. But alas, everyone sucks. Luckily we were both trained in survival and were able to escape this strange and foreign land.

Doesn't abs look BEAUTIFUL in her pretty crown and her hand in a jar full of vegemite.

The end x  


Abby said...

hhahah yayyyyyyy I had forgotton about these photos!

that first one of you is tripping me out, you acrobat you.

oh chat roulette, the saddest part was when we didn't even noticed the pantsless party they were having by themselves in the background!!


TheMadTwins said...

that crown is amazing =D


Maebe Isadora said...

oh swish! sounds like AMAZEBALLZ adventures! I do hear that chat roulette can get very dicey! Im glad you too pretty, pretty girls survived!


HAHAHAHA oh no not chat roulette! lol
Its such a scarey scaery land. Liv from Lovers in vain and I had our own adventure there after seeing a funny man on youtube that was playing the piano and singing hilarious songs to ppl...didn't quiet work out the way we were expecting still we had a good laugh (my husband has now band me from it) lol


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