Saturday, June 25, 2011

Romance Roadtrip...

Today me and my husband woke up really early and decided to go for a road trip down south! We made it all the way to Denmark and had so many adventures! We hit a Roo with our car (both us and the roo are ok), we met quirky locals, we ventured through tiny random towns, we discovered the most AMAZING playground ever, we found the best Subway Sandwich Artist in the world (she took 65 exams to be a sandwich artist and boy did she make a good sub), we walked the valley of the giants tree walk in the rain, we discovered some amazing forests and we hit up the coast at Peaceful Bay.

We also had competitions to see who could sing along to rap songs for the longest and the most lyrically accurate. I won as Josh didn't know any lyrics. I killed it with my Notorious B.I.G knowledge.

It was the most amazing roadtrip ever!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cat in the Hat...

Strangely enough me and the wonderful Abby obsess over each others blogs more then anyone elses blogs even though we know every little tiny thing about each other. We are constantly yelling at each other to blog more, and then when we don't, we throw things at each other in dissapoint and estrange from one another for years at a time. Luckily our estranging days are over and there is nothing left but giddy girly love. 

In an attempt to entertain each other and end our absense from blog land, we decided to see how many hats we could put on our heads and then blog about it, because obviously, this is entertaining ...

In my effort to do this I successfully turned myself into some sort of character i feel would fit very nicely into a Dr Seuss book... which is never bad and always good.

I am very excited to see how many hats scabbles managed to pop on her head as well!

Have fun blog comrads


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trade Mistakes...

 A quick outfitty post from my friday night. I borrowed this little number from my little sister, she bought this in Amsterdam earlier on in the year... its a fun dress.. YAY!

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