Sunday, May 22, 2011


New booties and a new bag! HOORAY!!!

I just went and devoured some waffles in Mt Lawley in my new booties and it was wonderous! Although I did stack it in planet video because I was distracted by my iPhone and didn't notice the steps, ohhhhhhhhh fail. Planet Video is now on the list of places that I have stacked it, lets hope its the last one. Gosh. Others include -

The Rosemount (The worst)
South Street
The stairs at my house (repeatedly)
The Hillary's Boat Harbour Carpark
Willetton Senior High School
Planet Video
And many many more...



Jes said...

Willoooooooooooo :)

I don't tend to fall... but i do have a habit of hurting myself in stupid circumstances... usually involving burnt skin and an oven :(

you look lovely hun xx

One who has been changed said...

Do like the foot wear, At least you were not driving, that could have been extreme bad news. Life is short enough as it is. Take care!

Abby said...

HOT. those boots should go on my feet instead of yours. just sayin.

the south st stack was hilarious, but I paid for that laughing fit 3 fold.


Megan said...

Love the shoes and the bag, gorgeous!

GrĂ¡inne said...

Very cute boots! Also, think you kind of look like Rachel Bilson here...!xx

Bia said...

I love the whole outifil : the bag, the shirt, the boties, everything! just love it ;)

kisses, bia.

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