Monday, January 10, 2011

Midnight Photo Fun...

Yesterday husband and I fell asleep at 4pm!! Nutty.

Of course when you fall asleep at 4pm you are wide awake at midnight wondering what the hell to do with yourself. So i decided to take a photo of this dress I made to wear for my birthday a couple months back. Its not a very good shot but I heart this dress very much. Its the kind of dress you can just put on and feel pretty in. It has soft velvet straps and lacey material. Soon I will get my photographer sister to take proper shots of all my dresses so that your eyes aren't deceived by my amateur-ness.

Now enough about the dress, lets talk about the shoes. These deserve a blog of their own but unfortunately i don't have a clearer shot of them. I got these on sale earlier this year from Myer and they are so amazing. It was one of those lucky finds where you find an amazing pair of shoes for half of what they should cost! Happy Times!

love x

dress by camaraderie, shoes from myer


Abby said...

I do so love that dress AND the bootiessss.

tomorrow we will hang yay yay yay


Hannah said...

oh im so excited to see you!! WHIRLPOOL WHIRLPOOL WHIRLPOOL! :) xxx

iamthegirlhere said...

this is an amazing dress, so simple but so elegant! Have you made this yourself?
Boots are the perfect match! You look lovely
Do you mind if I re-blogged this (with all credits of course)?

Hannah said...

Hi Gorgeous :)

Yeah thats fine! its not a very good picture of the dress however! haha.

I'll be following you :)

Thanks xx

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