Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Experience The Camaraderie... The Most Beautiful Bride In The World Edition

I recently had the very exciting privledge to put my Jewellery making skills to good use! I made this gold headpiece for my extremely beautiful estranged best friend Abby for her wedding day!! Doesn't she look absolutely amazing!

Anywho... If you wish to share in the joy of owning such a spectacular head piece, just visit my etsy shop or let me know.

Now enough about me, lets gaze again at these amazing wedding shots by the extremely talented Christine and Ruby!


flair to remember said...

Hello lovely!!
Yes I agree, the most beautiful bride ever!!!
I love the headpiece ~ I will check out your etsy shop for sure! :)
Lots of talent over in WA!! :D


Hannah said...

Oh I know I just saw your beautiful post for Abs!

She looked absolutely incredible! Never seen such a beautiful bride! xxx

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