Friday, December 10, 2010

Its Friday, You Ain't Got No Job, You Ain't Got Shit To Do...

Tonight a man in a very expensive car asked me if i would like to come with him for a drive and in return he would give me a line of cocaine... to which my friend responded.. LETS DO IT.. to which i very sweetly responded "No Thankyou". He was speechless for at least 10 seconds and then finally said "you are so lovely and polite.."

The moral of the story is..
Friends don't let friends do cocaine


Abby said...

hahahah was that at your christmas party! that is whack!!

dude you look so beautiful! great photo, did you fix your camera?? I sure hope so!


Hannah said...

Yeah i was sitting outside with my very drunk friend while she smoked a filthy cigerette and this creepy as guy pulled up. It was hilarious!

Nawwwww thank you pretty face! I did i did! It's such a shit camera tho! When i have money thats the first thing i am purchasing :)

Miss You!! x

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