Monday, January 31, 2011


I know I know I know.... My last few blogs have involved this prescious little kitten in some way and you are probably getting sick of all this kitten love, but i have nothing else to blog about so here she is again looking adorable.

She sleeps on my head at night... its cute, but also weird, and I don't sleep well because im scared I will roll over and squash her.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch times of the estranged kind...

Today I had the rare pleasure of having lunch with my scabbles on a weekday! HOORAH!

She got to meet the new kitten as well! Look how happy and pretty she is meeting that new kitty! Good for her!

Anywho! Its Friday everyone! Be of good cheer! I am already cheering as I have had the last three days off and I have been making the most of it by laying in bed watching scrubs and arrested development... yipeeeeeee 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Man From The Moon...

Whilst shopping for a birthday present for my mother-in-law i was lucky enough to stumble across the most amazing notepad! As you can see its Mr Squiggle... you know.... the man from the moon!! HOORAH! I bought it straight away which brought a smile to my face all day!

I hope everyone had a lovely Australia Day!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Best...

Whilst laying in bed thinking about what to wear on Sunday morning, i realised i hadn't worn a pair of jeans since...well.... i can't even remember since. So I pulled out my old faithfuls, threw on my husbands batman t-shirt, partnered it up with my favourite cowboy boots, and enjoyed a day of complete semi-stylish comfort. I don't think I will ever love another pair of jeans as much as i love these, they are ripped and faded and loosing their elasticity but i will forever refuse to throw them away. Now that rip is a genuine accidental "wear and tear" rip, not a "cut it myself" kind of rip... My husband pushed me over in the middle of a car park and i fell on my knees thus resulting in a savage gash on my jeans and a savage gash on my knee (I was more upset about the damage to my jeans), of course the rip wasn't as bad as that when it first happened, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger (Note to readers - it was an accidental push, his not a wife beater i promise...or do i?).  I never used to like jeans because i found them uncomfortable and restrictive, i much preferred to frolic around in little dresses with all the freedom in the world, but then i found these jeans and my life changed. You know that feeling of finding that perfect pair of jeans that whilst making your legs look fantastic and give you the perfect ass, are also comfy as hell?

Needless to say, it was fantastic day!

Surprise Surprise!!

in this photo - Groover

in this photo - my hot as cousin Justine and I tearing up the dance floor

in this photo - Justine and I dancing with our little cousin Valentina!

in this photo - Valentina and I :)

in this photo - My little sister Estelle (left), me (middle), Baby cousin Valentina (Right)!

in this photo - Playing hide and seek with Valentina! Wherever could she be hiding? The handsome man is my hubby :)  

in this photo - funny faces with Valentina

On Saturday night after our daily adventures (see below post), we went to a surprise party being held for my Tia Eloise's 70th birthday! I come from a large spanish family, so needless to say, a room full of europeans and latino music equals a night full of dancing and fun times! It was actually the first surprise party I had ever been to and it was glorious! Here are a few shots from the night :)

dress by miss shop, shoes by sportsgirl

Some Saturday Daytime Fun With The Family...

in this photo - kitty on my hat

in this photo - husband with his beloved

in this photo - the newest addition

in this photo - cuddle time! 

in this photo - some weirdo's

in this photo - family dance party to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley

Well what a lovely saturday day we had! We spent the day picking floors and tiles for our new house, and then we came home to party time with the pets! We had a lovely dance party with our puppy buddy, he was being a bit neglected because of our obsession with the newest addition (kitty cat) so we thought a dance party would cheer him right up! And it did! Just look at his face, its kinda like his saying "You do love me!!" and we do very much.

But seriously, how cute is that kitty! I heart her!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Little Lady...

Yesterday my sister and I decided to get a kitten for mum on her arrival from Samoa! Of course by "a kitten for our mum" we really mean a kitten for our own entertainment. Because really, the last thing my mum wants is another kitten, but now she has one...

Anywho, we named her "Lady" and she is so adorable! Look at her tiny-ness and cat like agility. I heart her very very much! My husband is absolutely smitten with her, at one point I realised he had been missing for over and hour and I went hunting for him and I found him laying down with the kitten just staring at her. He said he was gaining her trust or something, oh husband, you big softy. Anywho it must have paid off because she really loves him now and follows him around. I think he is plotting against me for the kittens love.. dam his plottiness and quick thinking. sigh.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wish List...

And so the list of things that I want but cannot have continues... it may never end.


House of Harlow Wish List...

I ♥ House of Harlow.

This is but a few of the beauties that i wish for at the moment. Oh why oh why can i not buy everything I want RIGHT NOW! Grrr x

Home Reno Complete

As previously blogged my mother is away in Samoa at the moment. So i took this opportunity to surprise her with a freshly decorated living area for when she gets home! She will be ever so surprised and love me very much. Until she realises how much of her stuff i threw away. tut tut.

Anyway i probably should have taken some before photos to show the drasticness of this change, but alas, i didn't think that far ahead.

Now that i have finished I can finally have my life back. Hoorah!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Fug Yourself...

I have little to blog about today and I am also a tad bored, so i have been trampling on some of my boredom by hitting up Go Fug Yourself! Then I was like, how bout i blog about this to kill some more boredom! Because boredom is eating me alive and i wish to destroy it.

I have been a daily follower of this website for yearssssssssssssssss. I use the word "daily" loosly because I only follow celebrity fashion websites when i work in offices for a little morning enterntainment, if im not in an office job, im usually off living life to the fullest instead of sitting on computers, don't get me wrong, i love computers and the internet, but thats just how it happens for me, when i have free time, i get distracted by things other then the internet...Anywhooo..I think i was 17 when i discovered it... and now I am 24... its one of those trustee ones that I am always entertained with. The girls that write it are hilarious! They pretty much just judge peoples oufits in comical ways. I heart them ♥ 

Off to the magical land of Ikea after workies today! Yay!

Monday, January 17, 2011

This is a lesson in procrastination...

I haven't made any new dresses lately and I haven't taken proper photos of all my existing dresses to share them with the world so you can also wear them on your bodies and run around in joyous triumph. I am a huge procrastinator. Oh woe is me.

Anyway, after this week I am getting right back into it! I will sew till my fingers fall off!! And then i will continue to sew until my fingerless hand nubs get tired.


dress by camaraderie, shoes by zu

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gonna Paint a Wagon...

My mother is away in Samoa at the moment and it was her birthday while she was away, so i decided to paint her house for her birthday so she had a lovely newly re-decorated house when she comes home! She will either kill me or love me and I will be her favourite child... we shall see...

I put on my oldest least loved clothes for the occasion. Some Grab jeans I bought 6 years ago from the colonade in Subiaco (which i cut into tiny shorts) and a ralph lauren t-shirt i got from Melbourne also around 6 years ago. I still like the cut-offs, but i loved all my other cut-offs that tiny bit more, and anyway, if they get paint all over them, i can just act like they are meant to be like that... dirty painty cut-offs style... hot town.

My arms are hurting :(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wish List...

Oh the things that I would buy if I could afford it. I would need another house just for my clothes. Sigh.

I'm having a very imaginative day, dreaming of holidays and clothes and all things lovely.


hasta mañana always be mine...

Viva Forever by the Spice Girls came on shuffle on my ipod this morning and I did not in any way enjoy it and/or dance and sing along to it.
I heart this dress.... and the Spice Girls

love x

dress by creem

Every time i think of you i get a shot right through into a bolt of blue...

Today my ever so kind boss slipped me a fifty dollar note because he said i wasn't cheerful enough today and i needed some cheering up. He wanted me to go to the movies with my hubby, but why see a movie when you can buy things, which brings true happiness.. so thats exactly what we did, we bought sushi and jewellery and a magazine! YAY!

Husband hates the shops so we didn't spend much time there at all, and when we came home he hopped on his computer (which is his actual true love) so i hopped on my guitar to ease my lonely heart... and also to sing loudly to annoy him lots.

The end. x

dress by industrie, shoes by miss shop, jewellery by lovisa, portmans and diva
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