Sunday, January 23, 2011

Surprise Surprise!!

in this photo - Groover

in this photo - my hot as cousin Justine and I tearing up the dance floor

in this photo - Justine and I dancing with our little cousin Valentina!

in this photo - Valentina and I :)

in this photo - My little sister Estelle (left), me (middle), Baby cousin Valentina (Right)!

in this photo - Playing hide and seek with Valentina! Wherever could she be hiding? The handsome man is my hubby :)  

in this photo - funny faces with Valentina

On Saturday night after our daily adventures (see below post), we went to a surprise party being held for my Tia Eloise's 70th birthday! I come from a large spanish family, so needless to say, a room full of europeans and latino music equals a night full of dancing and fun times! It was actually the first surprise party I had ever been to and it was glorious! Here are a few shots from the night :)

dress by miss shop, shoes by sportsgirl


flair to remember said...

naww so cute + so much fun! all you ladies {including the adorable mini-lady!} look GORGEOUS!! Love your dress!


Hannah said...

Nawww thanks beautiful!

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