Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Adventures of the Green Geishas... Volume 3

The Green Geishas show a little skin... but not too much.... cos thats dirty.

Converse this... Brad and Angelina


ANGELINA: I want to cut of all your skin and then sew it into a beautiful cape and wear it all season long

BRAD: Argh, not this again... just SMOULDER

ANGELINA: I don't want to smoulder, i want to make skin capes.





Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sleep Talker...

JOSH: *starts flicking finger in the air*

HANNAH: Love what are you doing?

JOSH: I'm trying to find the blade on my splade... i can't find it. It's stupid.

Converse this... Bear Grylls

BEAR GRYLLS: Why Hello viewers... welcome to my dinner party. I'm the only one at this dinner party because I am the only one invited because only I am so deliciously EXTREME and can handle the awesomeness of having a dinner party above the clouds. I'm having a little trouble breathing but i'll be alright, i always am. So how did i think of such an amazing dinner party location you ask? Probably my inabillity to be anything other then awesome. Now, I need to teach you how to survive a dinner party above the skys, firstly, wear your parachutes, it might seem like common sense, but you will be surprised by the amount of people who have tried to have a dinner party in the sky and forgotten their parachutes and fall to a squishy end. Do you know what, lets just make this a general life rule, because who knows when you might accidently fall into a canyon, or off the edge of a building, and need to be able to float to safety. LETS BE SAFE PEOPLE. Ok, so now my second rule, its probably a bad idea to drink at a dinner party above the clouds. I know i know, we all like a nice glass of champagne, but drinking and extreme elevation never do mix. In fact this champagne is going straight to my head, I may even topple of my seat, BUT ITS OK, i have my parachute, my trusty trusty parachute. Now rule number three.... as you may notice, if you happened to get trapped at your dinner party in the sky, and run out of food, there isn't much to eat up here using your survival techniques, unless you can eat clouds, but im pretty sure they are just made up of water, so basically your only option is to jump, which brings us back to the parachute..... its awesome...... wear one. I'm so lonely.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Avatar...

After much internal debate, i have decided that if I could have any of the four elements of power from Avatar, i would chose Water Bending. At first i thought i would choose air bending because you could fly, but after reaching season three, I changed my mind to Water Bending. I love Katara, I have a girl crush on her. I'm watching her kick some Fire Nation butt whilst typing this blog and i just wanna be her... I hope her and Ang get married and have lots of babies. The End.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sleep Talker...

JOSH: There's just some paint here or something *points to bed head*

HANNAH: Who put it there?

JOSH: I dunno must have been the cleaners or something

HANNAH: Those silly cleaners

JOSH: I Know

I Love It When You Call Me Big Puppa...

Throw your hands in the aira.. if your a true playa..

School Sucks...

At the moment I am doing my exams. I have finished two and have two left. They must all die. I hate exams and studying and not being able to do the things i love like:


The End.

Monday, November 8, 2010

YO YO...

Yesterday i was hanging out with the stompfaces, and we decided to go for a bike ride to get an icecream. When we were at the shops we stumbled across $1 Light up Yo Yo's!! Oh it was so much fun. Now my Yo Yo addiction as returned. I remember a couple of years ago I got a Yo Yo from sportsgirl and I became so addicted to it that my arm ached all the time from all the Yo Yo'ing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Food Baby...

I'm currently carrying a food baby of delicious delectable tasty Nandos swimming in Peri Peri Sauce. Mmmm

Like seriously, i have had to take my belt of because the amount of Nandos in me right now.. this shiz is serious!

Fresh Prince...

I love Will Smith, mainly in Fresh Prince form but i love everything else he does as well.

One time I saw every season of fresh prince on sale for $10 each and I was very poor and didn't buy them... WHY OH WHY!!!??? Lately I have really been wanting to just have a Fresh Prince marathon for days and days and days and days. Ahhhh well..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honey and the Moon...

The Floor of the Moon That Tastes Like Honey...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hannah. You could spell her name backards and it would still say hannaH... yes yes it could. She decided to go to the Moon of Honey with her fresh hubby.

She pointed at the floor and decided to have an adventure on it...

She drank on the floor...

She did awesome dance moves on the floor...

She ate some edible undies that tasted nothing like honey on the floor...

She fell on the floor...

She rolled around on the floor...

And then she cuddled on the floor...

The End.

My Husband is Such a Joshua...



So Gangsta

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girl Crushes...

Audrey Tautou

I remember the first time i ever watched Amelie, I was blown away by how amazing that movie was and how spectaculary beautiful and unique Audrey Tautou is. Every movie that she is in just get so captivated by everything about her. Oh man i wish i was her.

Rachel Bilson

Oh Rachel Bilson, obviously she would make my list of girl crushes. I mean.. look at her! I love her to bits she is so cute and adorable. I remember when i first saw her on the OC she was my favourite instantly, even tho she was a bitch to begin with. Everytime she pops up in a cameo on some show, i get all giddy. Shes awesome.

Mila Kunis

Oh gosh, this girl is just stunning.... and cool! I love love lovedddd her in "That 70's Show. Oh gosh she is soooo freakin pretty it makes me want to hide in a dark place. In my mind I always associate her and Rachel Bilson together for some reason, i guess cos they are both petite beautiful brunettes. I honestly think that Mila Kunis is the most stunning girl i have ever seen.

Nicole Richie

Oh Nicole Richie, I remember back in the day when "The Simple Life" first aired, from day one, me and my trusty comrad back then Abby instantly fell in love with Nicole.. I think she is so hilarious and cool and stylish. I love all her clothes and especially her jewellery line! Its Amazing!! I just love everything she does, she cannot do wrong by me.

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively aka Blair and Serena

I remember when gossip girl was first getting big, I stumpled across an episode on tv. It was near the end of the episode so i didn't get to see alot, maybe ten minutes, but I just remember being like, all the girls on this show are annoyingly pretty. I decided i couldn't handle the jealously of their beauty so i just wouldn't watch Gossip Girl. A couple years later my lovely husband (who was majorly into gossip girl for some reason) made me watch it from the beginning with him.... and I was hooked. No turning back. I love Blair and Serena so much. They are gorgeous with amazing clothes. I love them in real life as well as on the show which is so uber awesome. I mean look at them...

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is just...flawless... I love everything she does and every movie she is in. V for Vendetta is probably my favourite movie. No matter what she does she looks so beautiful and flawless. She is just a cool chick as well, so down to earth and hilarious. Oh i love her...

Summer is finally consuming my life...

Soooo me and my love have two dogs, the first one is Buddy who we bought about 6 months ago, he is a labrador and he is so adorable and happy, seriously, you cannot tarnish the joy in Buddy's personality, he loves everyone and everything, his spectacular. The second is Cookie and he is a border collie. Cookie is actually my little sisters dog but she is naughty and never walks him so we have adopted him as our own and i love him very very much. He is very sweet and loyal and protective. He is less exciteable then Buddy but he loves cuddles and being included. Sometimes we mock Cookie for the following reasons..

1. His name - like seriously.. Cookie? what was my sister thinking....

2. and His Empty Eyes - cookie has these light amber eyes which make them look empty, and he always looks right into your eyes when his anywhere near you. Its not a bad thing, his a very very pretty dog, but its just funny cos his eyes look so empty.

So anywhoo.. to my point...Yesterday at work I became a little sad. Luckily, as previously blogged, Jarhead sent me pictures of Fondu delight to cheer me up. So i looked up pictures of pugs because i told him as reward i would buy him a puppy, when i stumpled across this one surfing. So Cute. *Note to Jarhead- when you have your pug, please teach him/her to surf*.  But wait wait wait, im straying from my point again. After work my love picked me up from workies and he had a large diet coke for me and said we could go to the beach and take our puppies with us! HOORAH! Oh and it was wonderful amazing spectacular beach summer awesome times. I love love love the beach, and the dogs had the best time, it was Buddy's first time swimming in the ocean and he was a little freaked out at first and kept running away from the waves, but when me and my love jumped in he followed us straight in and was having the best time. So basically my point is. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!! and diet coke...

Pug Reward...

Dear Jarhead

Until i can afford a real pug for you... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


So, i have this friend, who to say the least, is quite awesome.

To cheer my weary heart, he sent me the above pictures of delectable tasty goodness.

I heart you Jarhead. I think i might write you a song. Or buy you a puppy.

Fondu times are the best times.

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