Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girl Crushes...

Audrey Tautou

I remember the first time i ever watched Amelie, I was blown away by how amazing that movie was and how spectaculary beautiful and unique Audrey Tautou is. Every movie that she is in just get so captivated by everything about her. Oh man i wish i was her.

Rachel Bilson

Oh Rachel Bilson, obviously she would make my list of girl crushes. I mean.. look at her! I love her to bits she is so cute and adorable. I remember when i first saw her on the OC she was my favourite instantly, even tho she was a bitch to begin with. Everytime she pops up in a cameo on some show, i get all giddy. Shes awesome.

Mila Kunis

Oh gosh, this girl is just stunning.... and cool! I love love lovedddd her in "That 70's Show. Oh gosh she is soooo freakin pretty it makes me want to hide in a dark place. In my mind I always associate her and Rachel Bilson together for some reason, i guess cos they are both petite beautiful brunettes. I honestly think that Mila Kunis is the most stunning girl i have ever seen.

Nicole Richie

Oh Nicole Richie, I remember back in the day when "The Simple Life" first aired, from day one, me and my trusty comrad back then Abby instantly fell in love with Nicole.. I think she is so hilarious and cool and stylish. I love all her clothes and especially her jewellery line! Its Amazing!! I just love everything she does, she cannot do wrong by me.

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively aka Blair and Serena

I remember when gossip girl was first getting big, I stumpled across an episode on tv. It was near the end of the episode so i didn't get to see alot, maybe ten minutes, but I just remember being like, all the girls on this show are annoyingly pretty. I decided i couldn't handle the jealously of their beauty so i just wouldn't watch Gossip Girl. A couple years later my lovely husband (who was majorly into gossip girl for some reason) made me watch it from the beginning with him.... and I was hooked. No turning back. I love Blair and Serena so much. They are gorgeous with amazing clothes. I love them in real life as well as on the show which is so uber awesome. I mean look at them...

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is just...flawless... I love everything she does and every movie she is in. V for Vendetta is probably my favourite movie. No matter what she does she looks so beautiful and flawless. She is just a cool chick as well, so down to earth and hilarious. Oh i love her...


do you want cheese on yours said...

somebody has stepped there game up!!! and girl crushes... I LOVE GIRL CRUSHES!!!!

Hannah said...

yeah... the effort just got MAXIMISED!!!!!! Girl crushes are hot town.

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