Thursday, January 13, 2011

hasta mañana always be mine...

Viva Forever by the Spice Girls came on shuffle on my ipod this morning and I did not in any way enjoy it and/or dance and sing along to it.
I heart this dress.... and the Spice Girls

love x

dress by creem


Abby said...

hhah remember when we decided to crash the bucks night but to also dress up like really bad 90's spicegirlsish, and we started dressing up stupid and then realised we just wanted to look hot instead so got changed. ahhaha
im' sure you remember that, because it was only like 2 months ago :)


Hannah said...

hahaha oh yes yes i do remember, thats what it reminded me of this morning when i was not enjoying the spice girls at all.. and of course by not enjoying at all i mean i heart them very much. Why did we ever get changed... that night would have been at least three times more hilaroius is we had worn our 90's girly pop music inspired outfits... shoulda coulda woulda x

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