Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Reno Complete

As previously blogged my mother is away in Samoa at the moment. So i took this opportunity to surprise her with a freshly decorated living area for when she gets home! She will be ever so surprised and love me very much. Until she realises how much of her stuff i threw away. tut tut.

Anyway i probably should have taken some before photos to show the drasticness of this change, but alas, i didn't think that far ahead.

Now that i have finished I can finally have my life back. Hoorah!



Maebe Isadora said...

oh how I love this blog, such a fun read. I am like you and have been reading it on and off (mostly during work) for what must be nearly 4 or 5 years now!

Maebe Isadora said...

whops! that was meant to go on the go fug yourself post!

oh well!

your mummy is such a lucky ducky to have such a wonderful daughter like you! The place looks fantastic! def let us know what she thinks!

Hannah said...

Go Fug Yourself is the best aye! such good entertainment! :) Thanks for all your comments hun! I love reading your blog :)

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