Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Adventures...

Why hello bloggers! I hope your weekend was just as lovely as mine!

Friday night scabbles and I found ourselves on quite an adventure indeed! It was so spontaneous and amazing! It resulted in many new purchases and painful fits of laughter. We went shopping in the city and did some serious damage to our bank accounts... but this of course only made us smile and cheer for joy.

Saturday was one of my best friends birthdays, as you can see, she loves leopard print so i got her EVERYTHING leopard print and she was overwhelmed with all the leopardness.. but very very happy. I felt very dirty buying so much leopard print, but it was worth it when she saw the gift.

Saturday night I got to spend MORE time with scabbles as we adventured to Little Creatures and pretended to be crocodiles while our husbands pretended to be regal.

It was a fantastic weekend full of friends and good times.. I must confess though, Friday night was the best night.. we must repeat the beauty of that night scabbles!



Imogen said...

What a fun weekend. All of those shopping bags make me want to go to Peter Alexander and Sportsgirl.

Abby said...

I NEED TO GET WHITE CUTOFFS. That outfit is so amaze you look like a celebrity who has just been snapped by the paparazzi! seriously I NEED to replicate this outfit!!!

and huzzah for adventures!


p.s you are super hot.

Hannah said...

Then white cut-offs you shall have!!!! its gonna be a hot mission!! xxx

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